Why the ‘Blessed Investor’ ?

Often I get told that my email is a great email address… and sometimes I’m even asked “how did you get that?”. Well I just happened to have signed on to gmail many years ago before it went big. At the time, I knew that God blesses his children, and I knew that I loved the idea of being an ‘investor’ . To me, the word just sounded better than ‘business owner’ or ‘entrepreneur’ , among others… (although I have been those as well) And so I just kind of coined the phrase the blessed investor. I thought one day I may use it for my website.

I also thought it was kind of (for lack of a better word) cheesy… I wondered what people would think when they heard me say it or use it.

Whatever we invest our time into becomes the outcome that we live in. So it means more to me that just investing my money.

I desire to invest my time into the Word of God, into my family, into my church, etc… Being a Blessed Investor means being a good steward of what has been entrusted to me.

Have you ever put together your goals for the new year? Or followed a program to identify your purpose in life, and then laid out some goals to align with it?

I have done this many times in my life, using different books or platforms as the guide. In the past, I have had some simple money goals, such as “earn x amount of dollars by this date for this reason”, or, “buy my family a new home with the following benefits”, or “pay off my debts and live free”. These are a few examples.

As I am getting older, my purpose and goals have evolved to more than just me, and more than just my immediate family (although my family is #1 priority).

Today, I have a simple yet profound purpose, and I am glad I have called myself The Blessed Investor all of these years. My purpose is this:

My purpose is to bless others through the Kingdom of God under Jesus’ Lordship, by giving others both financial gifts and sharing spiritual truths as well as information that will greatly improve their lives.

I don’t know how this statement will age… as Im sure I will tweak it or change some of the wording, but this is what is important to me. And what brand name could be better than using The Blessed Investor ?

At the very least it might open up a conversation that is worth having.

God Bless you and yours


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