About me

Hi, my name is Justin Patterson, and I am a full time real estate investor located in the Little Rock, AR market. I started investing in real estate in 2011, went full time in 2013, and after 10+ years in the business and doing hundreds of different types of real estate investments, I now specialize in what I believe to be the most passive and low risk strategy… which is specializing in mortgage notes. My team now creates, buys, and sells mortgage note assets throughout the country.
My faith and learning about God is important to me. Im a happy husband and proud father of 3. My hobbies are gardening and playing guitar. My family enjoys traveling and we try to take as many trips as possible. After all of this, I pretty much don’t have time for anything else.

How We Work With Others

We buy, create, and sell real estate notes by working with individuals who are looking for alternate methods to place their money. These are people who have extra capital, whether inside or outside of an IRA, and want a safe fixed income return. We help place them in one or more of our available mortgage notes.

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